Mitylene's 2017 Little Gift Guide

Mitylene's 2017 Little Gift Guide

13 at Mitylene!  13 days until Christmas that is!

Hey you cute little need to worry your pretty little ears, we've got gifts galore still on the floor!!!  

We are talkin' SUNDEK for DADDY and your BOYS!  Mini "Gucci's" for your GIRLS who are just kinda over TOYS!

 RESORT RESORT RESORT for MAMA!  SHELL JEWELRY for your trip to the BAHAMAS!  FEATHERS FEATHERS FEATHERS for your Stocking, these earrings are so good, your friends will be FLOCKING!!!
Hey BOYS, we hear the new Jedi is coming back, so mom, check out our GLOW IN THE DARK PACK!

SURFER Girls, we've got your vibe, AVIATOR NATION will be your jive!

EVERYTHING SCARVES for every SITCH!  TISH TISH TISH... we know thats your BIGGEST WISH!!!!

After all the gifts and fun, slip on your LUXE EYE MASK, 'cuz girl, you will be DONE!!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

XOXO Laura and Betsy


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