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We are so excited to introduce you to Mitylene's little blog!

It is hard to believe that our brick and mortar and web site are turning two this month!  We are feeling so grateful for our amazing customers and new friends.   In these two years we have met the most interesting and talented ladies who balance motherhood and their careers or households in such an effortless and stylish manner.  We have learned so much from them, and they have inspired us to be that much more creative and forward thinking.

Mitylene opened its doors on October 6th, 2015 as a highly curated children's boutique, introducing lines that have never been available in the Atlanta area. 

Our amazing customers encouraged us to take a leap and add in some things for mama as well as kids.  Well, why not?  We were extremely fortunate to launch our Mitylene ladies with a trunk show with the FABULOUS Tish Cox!  There was no turning back, Tish became our first permanent ladies collection.  So thank you ladies for inspiring us to stay creative and evolve into Mitylene, a lifestyle boutique!  Thanks to you, our shop now has things for you, your children, gifts for your friends, your husbands and home all under one roof!

For the launch of our blog we will be celebrating those that have influenced us.  We we will be posting a collaborative series of our favorite local designers, artists, and creatives, all of whom are also moms.  This series will be captured by Kim Busby of Kim Busby Photography, a very talented artist and mother of two.

For our first post ot the series we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our favorite Atlanta gals (if you are not already following).  She is not only the mom to the MOST precious little boy you could ever meet, she is an extremely talented half of the mother daughter interior design firm, Margaux Interiors. 


Meet Clary...

Q. In one word describe your style?

A. Beautiful 


Q. How did you choose MDS for your rehearsal dinner?

A. I chose MDS Stripes for my rehearsal dinner because I wanted to wear an outfit that I would look back on and feel that it wasn’t “ trendy”  and felt classic. During the planning of my wedding I would often think what would Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wear? She is a total style icon for me. Classic beauty!  From the minute that Mark Sikes introduced MDS stripes I was hooked. He was lovely to work with and I was completely in love with the result.

Q. Do you feel like your wardrobe is influenced by your design or are your designs influenced by pieces in your wardrobe?

A. A little bit of both, In my early twenties my wardrobe and some of my design work was influenced by trends. As I begin to approach my mid twenties and now being in my 30’s I appreciate a more classic look. My design work reflects the same. I am constantly buying more classic pieces for both my closet and my house. I also wear a lot of the colors I design and white

Q. Who is your current "girl crush"?

A. Aerin Lauder

Q. What emoji do you use the most?

A. Winky face with tongue sticking out

Q. What song do you know all the words to?

A. Baby Got Back

Q. Who is your forever fashion icon?

A. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Modern Day , I love Aerin Lauder and Olivia Palermo

Q. What is the best advice your mom ever gave you?

A. Starting collecting one antique a year and in 10 years you’ll have an amazing collection. I started this right when I began working for her 9 years ago… I have 9 good pieces :)

Q. So you have a 5 year old, and run a hugely successful interior design firm, and you are a newlywed... How do you make it look so good?

A. Wow what a compliment!

Somedays I feel like I am great at being that person and somedays I feel like I am falling short. I try to have a lot of balance in my life. I wake up really early, I am a complete morning person. I find I do my best work when I am fresh, this also means I am usually in bed by like 8:30 pm on a weeknight .

When I am at work, I am at work, when I am at home with my family I try to put my phone away and be present. I think it's important to be present at what you're currently doing.  I used to spend wayyyy to much time on social media, I felt like it was starting to have an adverse effect on my life. Now I usually do my instagram post right when I get up, scroll through quick and keep moving on with my day.  

Q. What is Rayfe’'s Halloween costume this year?  What is yours?

A. Rayfe has changed his mind like 10 times. First he wanted to be a spider, then Batman, a Transformer, and now he has decided to he wants to be Curious George, Graham to the Man with the Yellow Hat and Me to be Professor Wiseman ( for those who don't want Curious George she is the Man With the Yellow Hats Scientist Friend)

Q. Our tagline is "wear with love", what is one item you cherish and will always "wear with love" no matter what the latest trends may be?

A. About 5 Years ago Stella Mccartney did this collection with Lemons!!! I have FOREVER LOVED that collection, I have searched EBAY for YEARS trying to find a piece, finally right before my honeymoon this lemon skirt appeared in my size for a price that I could afford, It was FATE, I will forever love that little pencil skirt!


Shop Mitylene's MDS Stripes Collection HERE.  


Huge thanks to Clary Bosbyshell of Margaux Interiors Limited for showing us her stripes and to Kim Busby of Kim Busby Photography for the beautiful photographs. 

Wear with Love,

XX Laura and Betsy

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